A Class Of Third-Graders Visit A Small Farm. –


One day, a class of third-graders from the city was taking a field trip to the country to visit a small farm.

The kids were amazed to see all the different kinds of animals on the farm.

So the farmer asked one little girl,

“What’s the difference between a rooster and a hen?”

“The hen lays eggs,” replied the little girl.

“Very good!” said the farmer.

Then the farmer asked another little girl,

“What’s the difference between a duck and a turkey?”

“Well,” replied the little girl.

“Turkeys can’t swim and turkeys are what we have on Thanksgiving Day.”

“Very good!” exclaimed the farmer.

Then he asked little Johnny,

“Do you know the difference between a bull and a cow?”

“Yeah,” replied little Johnny with a grin.

“Bulls smile when you milk them.”

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