A Young Man Was Tired Of The Farm Life. –

A young man was tired of the farm life; so off he went and joined the Navy.

His first cruise took him to the south pacific, whereupon stopping at some island he found himself a parrot, He took it back to the ship with him, and kept it aboard the ship.

After 20+ years he retired from the Navy, so he and his parrot went. Back to farmland.

He decided he should get himself a chicken farm and sell young chickens and eggs.

This he did, lo and behold the first morning at 6 o’clock, the parrot commenced yelling,

“six bells hit the deck”, “six bells, hit the deck”

well the old sailor was quite angry and told the parrot I can’t have any of this, I’ am retired and don’t have to get up that early anymore,

So from now on you sleep out with the chickens.

The next morning at 6 o’clock he woke up hearing this big noise coming from the chicken house,

He goes out there, looks in the window and sees the parrot holding a red chicken around the neck with one wing and slapping him from left to right with his other wing, saying

“when I say dress whites I mean dress whites”



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