Johnny And His Brother Jimmy Sat Down To Eat Supper. –

One evening, Little Johnny, his brother Little Jimmy, and their dad, sat down to eat supper.

The dad turned to Little Jimmy and asked,

“Little Jimmy, what would you like to eat first?”

To this Little Jimmy replied,

“I want some of them f*ckin’ peas.”

In a flash, dad slapped the sh!t out of Little Jimmy.

“Now what did you want to eat first Jimmy?” asked the dad.

“I want some of them f*ckin’ peas,” said Jimmy.

Dad then backhanded Little Jimmy clean out of his chair and halfway across the room.

Little Jimmy shook it off and promptly returned to the table.

Returning to the table, short of breath, and trying to regain his composure, the dad turned to his other son Little Johnny and calmly asked,

“Well Little Johnny, just what would you like to eat first?”

Little Johnny, glancing at his brother on the floor, turned back to his dad and quickly exclaimed,

“Well you can bet your sweet a$s, it ain’t none of them F*ckin’ Peas!

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