The Old Billy Was On A Business Trip. –

The Old Billy was on a business trip this past week when he decided to stop in at a barber shop for a shave.

While he was waiting for the barber to shave him, a rather good-looking young lady came over to him and offered him a manicure.

Billy decided that would be nice (since she was sooo good-looking).

While getting his shave and manicure he couldn’t help himself and started talking trash with the young woman.

“Hey, baby, how ’bout you an’ me goin’ out on the town tonight?”

She tells him,

“I don’t think my husband would approve of that.”

Billy says, “Aw, don’t you worry none ’bout your husband. He’ll never know. Just tell him you had to work late.”

The pretty young thing replies,

“Why don’t you tell him I have to work late? He’s the guy with the straight razor standing behind you!”

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