There Was A Couple Of Lovers Who Had A Day Off. –

There was a couple of lovers who had a day off work so they went to their favorite ice cream parlor.

The boyfriend wasn’t that into ice cream but it was the girlfriend’s favorite treat, so he always had what she had.

The place was mostly quiet since it was a workday.

She wanted to share a sundae with him.

He told her, “Good idea. You pick one out while I find us a table.”

As she went to the menus on the wall, he picked a table in a booth in the corner.

She saw that they had a new sundae topped with mixed nuts that have been crushed to crumbs.

He quickly dropped into the seat.

Without turning around, not knowing that he sat down, she asked,

“Crushed nut?” to which he replied,

“Very possibly. I think I just sat down too fast!”

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